New Innovation Game!

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We just developed a new game for a workshop with Société Générale. They needed a way to experience Design Thinking for their senior leaders and think quickly transition to thinking how they could begin to support innovation within the leadership team of the IT group.

The game centres around seven pillars of organisational behaviours that I’ve seen over the years across many industries. Within each pillar or theme, there are five or six behaviours that exemplify that area. On the front of each card is the behaviour and on the reverse is the example of the company that demonstrates this characteristic.

The workshop participants mapped where the firm was already displaying those behaviours and where they weren’t yet. Then they had to prioritise which behaviours the firm should focus on supporting and create an experiment and prototype to support one or two of them in the next six months.

“Nathan and Tom have done an excellent facilitation job. The exercises were short and dynamic and we really manage to get a concrete experience of design thinking in half a day. We also managed to apply our newly acquired experience on one of our key internal topic. We are very happy with the outcomes, given the short period.” Yann Barthelemy, Société Générale.

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